7 Tips for Transitioning Toddler Bed to a Big Kid Bed

Transitioning a kid out a baby crib and into a huge kid bed can be a difficult process. Yet it is something that every child inevitably experiences, so I believed I would share some suggestions that have helped me throughout the years as we have transitioned all 3 of our kids. SPOILER ALERT: Some were less complicated than others.:-RRB-.


Our children have actually been numerous ages when we have actually transitioned them from the crib to a big kid bed. Our initial kid was around 18 months when we relocated him out of his crib (since we needed the crib for our second born). Our center youngster had to do with 2 1/2 and our earliest was virtually 3-years old. From my experience, it is best to wait up until your child prepares and not rush him/her out of the baby crib. You can constantly borrow another baby crib for a brand-new child or purchase one on Craigslist or at a garage sale (just make sure to examine that it hasn’t been remembered).

But how do you understand when your kid prepares? My solution is this: When your youngster starts climbing out of his/her baby crib, that is an indicator that it is time to transition to a huge child bed. Not only is it dangerous for your youngster to be flinging themselves over the rails of the crib, it no more makes good sense to maintain them in a baby crib meant to include them.

We directly chose to miss the “toddler bed” and go straight from the baby crib to either a double or complete dimension bed. We did this mainly since our kids have frequently had problem with shifts and also by doing this, we removed the demand for yet another change (toddler bed to twin/full bed) in the future. Clearly, this will not help everyone and some parents are extra comfortable with the suggestion of a toddler bed. Do whatever works best for you!


Shifts are hard for kids. Transferring to a huge youngster bed will certainly be much easier for some youngsters than others. Regardless of what bed you choose to put your child in, make a big bargain regarding the change.

Like with potty training, I recommend intending on making the shift after a large event (like a holiday, birthday celebration, special trip, etc). Let your child see the “huge youngster” beds of older brother or sisters and buddies. Make it something to commemorate. You could also let your kid assistance pick out the bed linens or prepare their furniture. The extra that they are entailed and also excited, the much better the change process will certainly be. Some children will naturally be reluctant to shift while others will certainly be enthusiastic. Regardless, celebrate this unique milestone with your youngster!


This is a big deal. We clearly want our kids to be risk-free while resting and this means ensuring they do not present of the bed and also onto the floor. This is why numerous parents could prefer a toddler bed. We have discovered, nonetheless, a few recommendations that work flawlessly for maintaining your child from befalling of his/her bed.

Beddy’s Zippered Bed linen: I think I may be the # 1 follower of Beddy’s bed linens of all time. The kids have actually had their Beddy’s for 2-3 years now and also I originally wanted them because they make it SOOOOOO easy for kids to make their very own beds (you can read more regarding that below). I spoke to Beddy’s as well as they accepted send me one more set for Little Sister’s “large girl” room. I am much more in love with them since I realized that they assist avoid nighttime results also! As long as your youngster is zipped into his/her bed at least up to their armpits, it is basically impossible for them to fall out of the bed at night.We recently converted Little Sister’s crib to a full bed and have actually been using Beddy’s for her bed linens. I definitely like the while ruffles!Bonus: Currently they offer Beddy’s bed linen for toddler beds! And you can get 20% off your order by using the code “TEACH20”.

A pool noodle taped onto each side of the mattress: If Beddy’s bed linens isn’t an alternative for you, this pool noodle hack may do the trick!

Store-bought guard rails: We made use of a dual bed rail with Little Sibling (prior to we understood concerning Beddy’s) and also other than being a hassle to make the bed, it worked pretty well. If you go this route, you won’t require the rail for long so it is certainly something I advise acquiring previously owned or showing close friends or neighbors.


The regimens we established with our babies as well as toddlers will certainly vary as soon as our youngsters shift to a huge kid bed, however try to maintain them similar to what they are used to despite the fact that the location may differ. With our youngest child, we have a pretty rigorous regimen that we adhere to: Read a Publication, Bible tale, Prayer, Tracks (the same ones every night- at her request), and also finally good evening. I usually will lay with her for 5 mins before I stand up to say goodnight to her older brothers.

On nights where it is especially challenging for kids to relax, I suggest sitting outside their door. Get a book and just camp out for a while. It functions ideal if they can see you, but if not at the very least if they come out of their space they will understand you will be right there to put them back in their beds. If/when this occurs, don’t claim much. Just choose them up or lead them back to their bed, kiss their head, as well as go out the door. Sit back down and also proceed the process until your youngster is asleep. Clearly, this isn’t optimal long term but aids make the transition procedure smoother.


White sound is specifically handy for drowning out noise and has a calming result on newborns, toddlers, and also preschoolers alike. I merely downloaded and install a white noise track from iTunes, melted it onto a CD, and put it on repeat in my youngster’s CD gamer.

With Little Sis (that we are currently transitioning), we got an unique Elsa nightlight that forecasts a picture onto the ceiling. She enjoys seeing it on her ceiling each evening as well as makes it much easier for her to head to sleep in a darkened area.

Ultimately, the awaken clocks function well for some youngsters yet not others (mine included). You established the wake up clock for what time your kid is enabled to rise. In theory, he/she will certainly not come out of his/her space till the wake-up picture is shown on the clock. This hasn’t worked the best for us as we apparently have headstrong children that appear of their spaces when they wish to as well as not when the clock informs them to.


It is so alluring to simply let your kid get in bed with you in the middle of the evening or lay with him/her every evening until asleep … however I would certainly recommend that for the first number of months of transitioning that you avoid “giving up” as well as stick to your borders. Then, once they recognize the assumptions, you can loosen up a bit.

As I suggested previously, I would certainly recommend resting outside your child’s bedroom after hugs as well as kisses to include an extra little protection yet without the dependence of you right by your child’s side. Whatever limits you pick to establish, simply try to be diligent with them for the very first month especially. This will help set up for long-term sleeping success!


Unfortunately, sleep regression after transitioning to a large child bed is unavoidable (unless you are super fortunate, I intend). All 3 of my children have actually fallen back somewhat, some worse than others.:-RRB- Regardless of what it might really feel for a couple of weeks (and even months), this is just a stage and also will ultimately get better.

We are currently in the middle of some severe sleep regression with our daughter. She has rested through the evening constantly for the last 2 years however began awakening in the evening when she understood she could get out of her crib as well as concern our bed. We transitioned her with all the suggestions I’ve shared and she is still sometimes getting up during the night and is regularly up before 6am (she utilized to sleep till around 8am). I will be straightforward … this phase is discouraging as well as tiring. However I know it will not last for life so we are doing what we can to get by for the time being and praying that at some point she will certainly be a great sleeper again!:-RRB-.

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