10 Brilliant Ways to Utilize a Lazy Susan

I’m a firm believer that every home requires a lazy Susan. Growing up, I enjoyed viewing dressings go round and round at the table. Today, I put lazy Susans like this one to use in my little cooking area. They’re truly handy for organizing as well as making best use of storage space. Right here are a few of the smartest usages I have actually seen for the turntable tray:

Organize the Fridge

Store comparable items, like condiments or sauces, on a small lazy Susan in the fridge. Instead of excavating to the back of the shelf, just rotate the tray to discover the pickles or soy sauce. As an incentive, by bundling much shorter items on a lazy Susan, you can decrease your refrigerator racks, including even more vertical room on various other racks. Here are even more of my favored fridge-organizing ideas– they truly work!

Make the Most of Difficult Storage Space Areas

Lazy Susans work wonders above shelves in the kitchen and also other hard-to-reach places. The turning plate makes it easy to discover things without having to twist yourself going for them.

Hang Hardware

Fed up with fumbling through cabinets to locate your favorite cooking device? This Do It Yourself offers spatulas, whisks and also slotted spoons a proper area. Screw metal hooks onto the top of a lazy Susan. Then, turn it upside-down and attach the base to the bottom of a kitchen area cabinet or hanging shelf. Loop your devices through the hooks and you have a great slide carousel that makes it very easy to locate what you require.

Embellish Cakes

When it involves quick, neat cake designing, pro bakers count on turntables. You can hack this configuration at home by positioning your cake plate on a lazy Susan. Whether you’re adding the crumb coat or putting on the completing touches, a turning base makes it easy to cover all sides of a cake.

Try this with the children: Produce a splatter spin-art cake by giving white frosted cake a try on board a lazy Susan. While the cake is transforming, drizzle on various tinted topping. You’ll end up with a graffiti-like style that youngsters as well as teens will certainly go gaga for. Unsure what type of cake to begin with? Below’s a birthday cake dish for every month.

Corral Countertop Staples

Got a host of cooking oils as well as vinegars sticking around by the oven? Collect them on a lazy Susan. I such as to use a tiny plate below, ideally one with increased sides or a rubber base, which will certainly help maintain your goods from tipping off.

Shop Spices

Instead of having your vital seasonings scattered in the cabinet, set them on a lazy Susan. Make sure to have the tags encountering out. If a solitary layer won’t be sufficient, develop a two-tiered lazy Susan by putting an empty can in the center and also setting a 2nd lazy Susan ahead. Use warm adhesive to stick the can in place. (Or you might acquire a two-tiered version immediately.) We like to put cooking flavors on one tier and also food preparation seasonings on an additional, so browsing is a snap.

Arrange Under the Sink

Keep cleaning products organized on a lazy Susan under the sink. The turning tray is suitable for placing big containers you ‘d rather not carry as well far, like bleach or vinegar (that family wonder-worker). This trick is available in handy in washrooms, as well; believe huge containers of mouthwash or hair items.

Optimize Your Coffee Station

If your cup tree is established against a wall, its back branches can be difficult to reach. Place the tree on a lazy Susan so you can turn it rapidly. Think about including coffee supplies like packages of sweetener or coffee pills to the turntable, also.

Organize Crafting Materials

Stick your markers, crayons, paints and any type of other crafting materials atop a lazy Susan, and also youngsters can easily share supplies while they work on a task around the kitchen area table. This can be a short-lived usage, or you can make it long-term by gluing mason containers or pencil mugs to the surface area.

Make a Chore Wheel

A colorful wheel is a crafty means to make chores a bit much more enjoyable. Separate a plastic lazy Susan into areas, like a pie. Paint each as well as tag with a different chore, like doing the recipes or strolling the pet. Stick the completed rewriter onto a poster board and include an arrowhead that aims toward the wheel. Have your youngsters spin it, and whichever chore the arrow lands on will be the one they reach do. Want to get children a lot more associated with the kitchen area? Have a look at our overview to tasks by age.

Since you understand what a lazy Susan can do, figure out all the ways you can place elastic band to good use.

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